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Wednesday Links

  • I somehow missed this when it happened, but I have to say that Adam Dunn is hysterical.
  • Blogger baseball cards?
  • I'm very happy about Hatteberg getting signed. And about the Dave Ross for Joe Mays swap. All kinds of good news today.
  • I think Red Menace pointed this article out, but it deserves a spot on the main page. Whenever someone talks baseball cards I'm probably going to link to it.
  • Some interesting defensive rankings over at Beyond the Box Score. Apparently Felipe Lopez isn't just the worst shortstop in the NL, he's the worst in the major leagues. Right behind Derek Jeter.
  • At what point do the Astros give up? I think that's actually a big problem with resigning Clemens every year, you can never rebuild  because you feel like he's a waste unless you win something. But heck, I hope they go get Tejada, it'll just hurt them in the future, and I don't think he's enough to put them over the top this year.