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Off Day Open Thread

I actually had no idea the Reds were off today until I looked at the schedule.

Games of interest:

Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee (Zach Duke vs. Doug Davis) 8:05
St. Louis vs. Colorado (Anthony Reyes vs. Jeff Francis) 9:05
San Diego vs. LA (Chris Young vs. Derek Lowe) 10:10

If you haven't heard Marty's call of Adam Dunn's game winning grand slam, here you go.

This week's random internet picture:

So last week I went to the Reds season ticket luncheon with Caleb and Sukr, and we had a pretty good time. The highlight was the Q and A with Wayne Krivsky and four players (Freel, Denorfia, Guardado, and Clayton):

  • Krivsky said not to expect to see Homer Bailey this year. Nothing new there.
  • Repeated his now familiar refrain that he might have overpaid in the Trade, but that he didn't see the Reds going anywhere with the old bullpen.
  • He also never really mentioned Felipe. Every time the trade was discussed he talked about how hard it was to give up a player like Austin Kearns ... but didn't say a word about Felipe.
  • Royce Clayton is a pretty charming guy, which illustrates why I'd never really want to have a press pass. I'd love to interview Krivsky, but I'd rather not talk to the players, because it'd be pretty hard to write objectively about a guy like Clayton.
  • Guardado was the funniest player on the panel, although Freel was close. Denorfia was very much the "aw shucks, I just want to help the team" type.
  • Guardado had the best story. He talked about lining David Ortiz's pants with peanut butter in Spring Training a few years ago, and then distracting him so that Ortiz would step in without really paying attention. Pretty funny stuff.
So that leads in to today's Off Day question:

What is your most memorable run in with a pro athlete/celebrity? Doesn't have to be with a Cincinnati Red, or even an athlete, just someone we'd recognize.

Have a great Monday!