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Sunday Links

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  • Reds bloggers write alot. And I can't believe there are even 29 Reds blogs in existence, it wasn't that long ago when it was just me and Shawn.
  • Awesome. And disturbing, yet oddly satisfying.
  • Kent Mercker is headed to the DL, and Brian Shackelford will be rejoining the club. I shudder to think of things he's probably going to hear now from opposing fans.
  • I'm also tired of Griffey hitting it at defenses, so I guess that makes two of us.
  • Just in case you ever wondered about the Web Gem process.
  • The Braves still think the NL East runs through them, and I'm not sure that's so crazy. They've been down 10 games before in August and come back (1993). I'm not going to believe in the Mets until the Braves are eliminated, because I've thought the Braves were done many times before and I've obviously been burned each and every time.
  • Yeah, I would have Scott Williamson for the rest of the year, especially at the price of two mediocre A-ball pitchers. But I guess our bullpen is all fixed or something.
  • It just never ends with Jose Canseco.
  • The Brewers might trade Carlos Lee if things continue heading south for them. Just trade him out of the division guys.