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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Brewers 8-7

That's about the best you can hope for from a Joe Mays start.

Quick thoughts:

  • Might want to check Ryan Freel for 'roids. He's threatening double digits for home runs this year. :P
  • Scott Hatteberg should move into the top 10 in the National League for batting average after going 3-4, and I think at this point the Reds ought to think about keeping him around next year ... as a starter. Why not? He's cheap, he gets on base even when he's not hitting well, and we probably need someone for another year until Votto gets here. Hatteberg works for me. I love when he comes up in pressure situations, because you know he'll give a quality at bat every single time, regardless of the result.
  • These Brewers just aren't as good as I thought they'd be, and they can pretty much blame that on their bullpen. Good lineup, pretty decent starting pitching, but the bullpen is even worse than the Reds was before the Trade. Maybe next year.
  • Honestly, Edwin is just a great player. I find myself praying that the front office isn't going to run him out of town because of his defense, because he's going to be an awesome guy to have at third. To be 23, a third baseman, and hitting so well at the major league level ... you don't see this very often.
  • Surely that was the last start for Joe Mays. I think I said that last time though.
  • I'm starting to think the Reds might have something with Jason Standridge.
  • And Eddie Guardado. He's been great, maybe it's the move to a different league, but it's looking like either the Mariners gave up on him too early, or he just needed a change of scenery.
  • This is a really fun team to watch sometimes.