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Friday Links

Haven't done a links roundup in a couple of days, so lots of stuff today.

  • More 1975 Reds DVD's can be won over at Big Red Mechanic. I don't think A&E is going to stop until every reader of a Reds blog has a free copy.
  • Shawn points to some interesting stats over at The Hardball Times that seem to point to the fact that the Reds might have traded their worst two regulars. I think we should just amend the words "but they should have gotten more" to the end of any statement regarding the trade. The Reds might have traded their worst two regulars ... but they should have gotten more. See, it fits.
  • Interesting theory about WP Kinsella and JD Salinger that I swear I've heard someone else bring up before. Or maybe Daedalus herself has said it before? I don't know, but it's interesting regardless.
  • JinAz had an awesome look at why Narron screwed up the other night with Milton
  • This is unreal. Bob Wickman would have been a nice addition. And apparently they would have taken just about anyone for him.
  • Raising Reds with a look at relievers who'll be free agents this offseason. Raising Reds kind of uses the list to justify the recent Trade, but I look at the list and see a lot of names I'd love to see the Reds pick up. Dotel, Bradford, Kim, Rhodes, and plenty of other guys that'd be interesting additions. If Jim Bowden can put together a solid bullpen year after year with spare parts then it shouldn't be that hard, and it shouldn't cost two everyday players to get some relief talent. But they should have gotten more, am I right?
  • The Reds talked about Miguel Tejada, and the Cards are probably going to deal for Dontrelle. I say probably because the Cards always seem to get these things done. I'm telling you guys, we need to be hoping for the Wild Card, because I think the Centrals out of reach. Hopefully I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.
  • The manager of the Blue Jays tried to fight Shea Hillenbrand. Yeah, that's pretty stupid.
  • Josh Beckett signed a three year deal with the Red Sox, 3 years, $30 million. Pretty reasonable I think.
  • This is hilarious.
  • Dunn on Kearns:
    Nearly a week after the trade of Austin Kearns, his best friend, Adam Dunn still can't bring himself to talk about it. "My mom always taught me if you can't say anything good about something, don't say anything at all," said Dunn, saying all he needed to say. Dunn said he talks with Kearns regularly, "Every day, every stinking day. And he tells me every day how miserable he is in Washington."