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Game thoughts: Reds lose to the Mets 4-2 (10)

It was the Reds game to win, but they couldn't get it done. Simple as that.

Quick thoughts:

  • The Reds had thirteen base runners against Tom Glavine in just over six innings, and they only managed to score two runs. Glavine pretty much sucked, but the Reds didn't take advantage.
  • Why take EdE out of the game? I just want to scream when Narron does anything involving EdE.
  • And while we're questioning Narron's moves, why wasn't Hatteberg playing? Yeah, he's lefthanded, so what? In 51 at bats this year Hatteberg is hitting .265/.365/.412 against lefties, which I'll take. Is Rich Aurilia not an option at short or second anymore? Brandon Phillips clearly needs a day off.
  • I'm not at all impressed with Majewski. And yet I don't really blame him, his arm is probably close to falling off the way the Nats used him. I feel sicker about the Trade every day.
  • Royce Clayton has played well since coming over. Credit where credit's due.
  • And it's nice having Freel back. He's just a flat better option at leadoff than Chris Denorfia, a guy who should be hitting seventh or eighth until he figures things out a bit.
  • Bronson Arroyo just keeps getting screwed out of wins, but he pitched awesomely. He was worrying me before the break, but he's come out of it strong. He threw 80 out of 111 pitches for strikes, which is just beastly.
  • Tough loss to take, because it's one the Reds should have won.