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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Mets 7-4

No idea why, but I felt good about this one after the rain delay. Maybe it was the fresh start, I don't know.

Quick thoughts:

  • Hey 50 wins. Last year it took until August 8th to get to 50, so we've got that going for us.
  • Seriously, what the hell else does Edwin Encarnacion have to do? Why do the Reds do this every year? Last year Felipe, and now this year EdE, it just doesn't make sense. Hopefully we don't get a Sunday Special lineup tomorrow afternoon, but I'm guessing there's no way Junior plays after slipping and falling last night.
  • I'll never understand managers that let pitchers go back out after lengthy rain delays, and Steve Trachsel showed why last night.
  • Scott Hatteberg went 3-4, bringing his average all the way up to .317, and I have to wonder is he becoming a fan favorite? I'm asking about the average fan, the ones that call in and talk to Furman or Tracy Jones. I'd think they'd see that batting average and just start salivating. What's great about Hatteberg is that he's a player everyone can appreciate, the stat guys and the old school guys. He hits for average, gets on base, works pitchers deep into the count, plays unremarkable but consistent defense ... the guys been unbelievable this year, and I just hope he's getting the credit he deserves.
  • How about that bullpen?