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Game thoughts: Reds beat the Rockies 6-4

Sweep baby. Did not see that coming.

Quick thoughts:

  • The Reds must hate their starting pitchers. Arroyo and Ramirez both have had some rotten luck this year with regards to picking up deserved wins.
  • Dewayne Wise shouldn't be hitting leadoff. That really shouldn't have to be said. If he has to start then he needs to be hitting eighth.
  • Hey the bullpen did alright, and without any old Nationals coming to the rescue. Good to see.
  • Except for Eddie Guardado. He's been ok so far, but I get the feeling we're going to be pretty frustrated with him at points in the future. Clint Barmes isn't exactly the kind of hitter to whom you should be giving up home runs.
  • Adam Dunn's batting average is all the way up to .248. He's been a huge part of this four game winning streak. 30 home runs this early in the season is pretty darn impressive.
  • I feel sorry for anyone who was at the game. The heat has been ridiculous the last couple of days, but the Reds have still drawn good crowds. Yet another testament to the great fans that the city of Cincinnati has.
  • Brandon Phillips starting to worry anyone else? I love the guy, but I've vaguely worried all year that the collapse might be imminent. Hopefully this is just a slump. I'm sure it is, right?
  • If EdE isn't in the lineup on Tuesday then there may be no hope. He had a great day, and the Reds really miss his bat when he's on the bench.
  • See? Royce Clayton is a stud off the bench, now I just wish Narron would keep him in that role.