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Monday Links

  • This is great. I'm starting to think the Reds blogosphere/readership should have a Reds related photoshop contest. I couldn't personally contribute, because I can't do anything with Photoshop except for cropping and resizing images, but I'd love to see what everyone else would come up with.
  • I didn't talk about this over the weekend, but the Reds HOF inductions went down. It was interesting hearing Seaver on the radio the other night, he's more fond of Cincinnati than I would have expected for some reason. Seemed like a nice guy.
  • I pretty much link to everything Baseball Minutia writes, so here's the latest entry, this time on the Trade. Insightful, as always.
  • This website hurts my eyes, but it's still quite interesting. Pat Nashek is just up with the Twins, and he's documenting his season.
  • The Reds wanted to deal Kearns for Scott Linebrink. Linebrink is an outstanding reliever, but he's also a guy the Padres picked up off the waiver wire three years ago. Showing once again how cheap relief pitching can be if you know what the hell you're doing.
  • There's no reason not to use wood bats once kids get to high school level. I've always thought it's silly that high schools and colleges don't do a better job preparing their top athletes for pro ball by giving them wood bats, and aluminum is dangerous to boot. I realize wooden bats are more expensive, since they break, so maybe it's not feasible, I don't know.
  • The Blue Jays are dirty.
  • There are Danny Serafini impersonaters in this world. I find that frightening for some reason.