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Sean McClelland, of the Dayton Daily News, is a moron

From his article, column, I don't know what to call this garbage?:

Nationally, the deal was generally panned, but many of those doing the panning are fantasy-baseball nitwits who can't see the wisdom of trading two everyday players for two relievers, neither of whom figures to close games and get saves, at least this season.

But reality, which often runs contrary to the fantasy world, said the Reds needed to do something, and that they couldn't wait another couple of weeks to see if anything better or less expensive presented itself nearer the trade deadline.

I'm apparently a fantasy baseball nitwit.

So is Aaron Gleeman.

And Jonah Keri.

And hundreds of people on Baseball Primer, one of the more intelligent places to talk baseball on the internet.

Marc Lancaster, one of McClelland's own colleagues, is also apparently blinded by his love for fantasy baseball.

Keith Law too, fantasy baseball nitwit.

I've always enjoyed Hal McCoy. Definitely one of the better beat writers, and he's probably my second favorite next to Lancaster (who probably gets an unfair boost because of the blog, let's be honest here). Sean McClelland isn't fit to write in the same paper as Hal McCoy.

Writing that people who disagree with a trade are "fantasy-baseball nitwits" is just plain lazy, and I don't think it's going to endear McClelland to anyone.

I've never heard of this guy before this stupidity, but he needs to go back to covering junior high wrestling, or whatever his career has consisted of before filling in while McCoy's on vacation. See that? I can insult people who disagree with me too, isn't this fun?