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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Rockies 3-1

Not really a typical Reds win, eh?

Quick thoughts:

  • This is a seriously average to below average offense that Jerry Narron is running out there now. The Reds aren't going to score many runs when their infield is Aurilia-Clayton-Phillips-Hatteberg. It's criminal stupidity not to be playing Edwin Encarnacion every day, unless he's hurt, and if he's hurt then he needs to be on the DL.
  • It looks like the All-Star break might have done Aaron Harang some good. He's struggled a bit lately, but that was more of his early season form last night. Guy's a stud, hopefully we sign him long term. You'll probably hear me say that a million more times until it happens.
  • Royce McClayton sucks. Yeah, I know it's obvious, but I'm going to say it anyway. You're probably going to get sick of me saying it. What the hell was Mr. Gets to Everything Routine doing on that error? That was pretty close to being a severely ugly situation. And hey, Aurilia with an error too. Good thing he's playing third lately instead of EdE, love that vet defense.
  • Jose Mesa has an ERA under 3. For the Colorado Rockies. That's how freaking easy it is to find relief pitching.
  • Thank God we still have Adam Dunn.
  • Jason LaRue seems to be coming around. I figure I should mention that since he's taken a beating here this year. I think he's going to be wearing a different uniform in the next two weeks though, unless Ross is hurt worse than we realized.
  • The Colorado Rockies are terrible. How they've managed to stay in the race this long is beyond me. I just looked up Clint Barmes' stats and literally had to laugh. He's got a .248 OBP in almost 300 at bats, which leads me to believe that he must be trying not to get on base.
  • The Reds haven't gained any ground on the Cards, but they're now three games ahead of the Astros and Brewers, which is good. They were getting pretty close at the break, it'd be nice to get a little cushion for the Wild Card.