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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Rockies 9-7

As if anyone cares after the trade.

Quick thoughts:

  • I really thought for a moment that the Reds would actually lose, providing the perfect end to a really cruddy Reds related day.
  • Is there really any reason not to hit Dunn second? He gets more at bats that way, he sees more pitches, pitchers get worn down more, Griffey would have more RBI opportunities ... it makes all kinds of sense, and that's without even mentioning that Dunn has really thrived in that spot. One of the bright spots of Felipe leaving could be Dunn in the two hole, but he hit fifth last night, so who knows?
  • Milton pitched well. If we got that out of him every start I'd be thrilled.
  • I can't really figure out why Jason Standridge isn't better. He seems to have good stuff, but he apparently doesn't know what to do with it. The Reds would be a better team without him, and I think he'll be gone tomorrow.
  • It's nice to have Denorfia in the lineup. It's the one result of the trade that I feel good about.
  • Is it ok if I point out every time Juan Castro goes 0-4? Cause it's pretty annoying to hear people try to say he's a good player on the rare occasions when he manages to do something positive offensively.
  • Hey look, Edwin Encarnacion sighting. Nice to see him back, hopefully the Reds will actually play him every day from here on out. But who knows right? Maybe they'll trade him for Bobby Howry instead.