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Offday Open Thread

So there's absolutely nothing going on today, the day after the All-Star game, the worst day of the year for a sports fan.

Random thought: I don't dislike soccer, but it seems pretty stupid that a team can win the World Cup and then only be ranked number two in the world. Could you imagine that happening in a US sport?

So anyway, on to today's question, inspired by The Baseball Card Blog's recent rundown of the sets from the 1980's.

What is your favorite baseball card set of all time?

I have two, both from 1987.

The first was the set that I could actually buy packs of as a six year old kid, the 1987 Topps:

Those wood borders were just awesome, and I loved the mid 80's logos and uniforms. When somebody talks about baseball nostalgia, this is it for me.

But then there was the 1987 Fleer, with it's cool blue borders. I never saw these as a kid (not very often anyway), but I later bought plenty, and I consider them the best quality set of the 80's, and in alot of ways the first ever "premium" set. The stickers were pretty damn cool too. I love both sets from this year, and it's impossible for me to make a choice. The Donruss entry for '87 wasn't bad either, and 1987 was an incredible year for cards.

So what about you guys? I think favorite set has a lot to do with when you grew up, so I imagine we'll have some different choices here.

Have a good Wednesday everyone. Hopefully I'll be back later with news of a transaction.