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Wednesday Links

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  • Baseball Minutia looks at information back in the day.
  • Church of Baseball is pissed about baseball's new deal with TBS.. I can't say I disagree.
  • Paul Daugherty thinks the Reds should trade Adam Dunn. Or Felipe Lopez. Or Austin Kearns. But mostly Adam Dunn. Cause, you know, the Reds wouldn't miss 50+ home runs and a .380 OBP.
  • And here I thought everything was already fixed in Sarasota. Maybe the Reds could get a team a little closer than Florida for high-A.
  • Apparently Barry Bonds is going to be indicted. Thank God our government has solved all other problems so that they can now worry about whether or not a baseball player lied about taking steroids. This surely is one of the most pressing matters of the day.
  • I'm not worried about this.
  • has some nice things to say about the Reds in it's first half wrap up of the season.
  • I really dislike Bud Selig. Alot. Can you believe that the American League is going to have home field advantage (again) pretty much solely because Trevor Hoffman sucks at All-Star games? It's ridiculous.
  • If someone pays $150,000 for this, they're an idiot.
  • Anyone notice that the All-Star game only had one black player this year. This paper did, and they're doing a series on the reasons why African-Americans don't seem to play baseball as much as they used to. The rise in popularity of travel baseball is cited as one of the reasons, something I hadn't really considered before.