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Off day (and Home Run Derby) Open Thread

So what've we got going on today?

  • The Home Run Derby is at 8 EST tonight. We obviously don't have a rooting interest, but I think Arroyo could have won the damn thing if Glendon Rusch was pitching to him.

And that's about it. The three day All-Star break is pretty much the worst three days of the year for sports fans.

Today's off day question: What is the best stadium you've ever been to?

For me it's easily the stadium where the All Star game is being held. PNC Park is just awesome:

The skyline over the center/right field area is awesome, as are the yellow bridges that you can see. The stadium is made of black steel, which just looks a lot nicer than the white of GABP. I like the Reds park, but when I see PNC I think that the Reds missed an opportunity to build something a little more special.

This isn't limited to baseball stadiums, and professional sports venue, post your favorite.

The rest of my top 5:

  1. PNC Park
  2. Paul Brown Stadium
  3. Comerica Park
  4. Ohio Stadium
  5. Great American Ball Park
Have a great Monday!