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Monday Links

  • JinAZ thinks Jason LaRue has been unlucky. That doesn't surprise me, but I'd still like to see him traded.
  • Brew Crew Ball with a note from BA concerning the Reds:
    Q: Charles Berg from Houston, Texas asks:
    Early Top 5 to watch for the minor league player of the year award?

    A: Chris Kline: Berg-Piece, Wow. Good question, even though it's not early. We start tracking players for our minor league POY watch as camp breaks. Right now I'll go with Jay Bruce, Alex Gordon, Chuck Lofgren, Yovani Gallardo and Homer Bailey.

  • This guy thinks Dave Parker should be in the Hall of Fame. Because of steroids. Or something.
  • Ryan Freel's shoulder is hurting. When it rains it pours.
  • Claussen got rocked in a rehab start at AAA. Remember that thing I just said about rain?
  • Ken Rosenthal on the Reds at the deadline:

    Buy or sell: Buy

    Defining stat: 5.22 bullpen ERA, worst in the NL.

    Biggest need: Relievers with heartbeats.

    Injured reserve: Left-hander Brandon Claussen, left rotator-cuff tendonitis. Right-hander Paul Wilson, right shoulder surgery.

    Potential free agent of note: Wilson.

    Logical target: Pirates right-handed reliever Roberto Hernandez.

    Left-hander Eddie Guardado, who arrived Thursday in a trade for minor-league right-hander Travis Chick, allowed eight homers in 23 innings with the Mariners. Guardado will welcome more regular work and a return to the closer's role, but he's going from -- gulp -- pitcher-friendly Safeco Field to hitter-crazed Great American Ballpark.

  • This is a great article about the Reds scout who died of a heart attack last month.
  • This is interesting, a column written by the Assistant GM of the Billings Mustangs. Only one so far, but supposedly there'll be more to come.