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Saturday Links

  • Ryan Freel on Wayne Krivsky:
    "I don't think there's another GM out there who has made the kind of moves he's made," Freel said. "We have a GM who knows what the heck he's doing. We'd be 20 games below .500 without the guys he brought in."
  • JinAz has a look at the Reds defense.
  • Even Marc Lancaster sounds optimistic after last night.
  • Ha. Jim Bowden will be staying with the Nationals. Poor Washington.
  • The Reds have a 60 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to Baseball Prospectus. Easily the best odds in the NL Central. The Astros are under 5 percent.
  • Paul DePodesta is now working for the Padres. I'm sure he'll be happy to have such a direct shot at wrecking the Dodgers.
  • Jeff Weaver is available. Anyone think he might be better out of the bullpen?