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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Cubs 7-1

Ho hum. Another day, another win.

Kidding, only kidding. I think it'll be quite awhile before this stops being fun.

Quick thoughts:

  • Bronson Arroyo vs. Glendon Rusch hasn't worked out so well for the Cubs.
  • Tony Womack seems to get up for these Reds games. He's actually been pretty good for the Cubs so far, but it's not as if that's going to last long. That was apparently his first home run since July, 2004.
  • Getting deep into the bullpen yesterday will hopefully pay off, especially in a four game series. You have to figure that Will Ohman and Roberto Novoa won't be available tonight at the least.
  • Freel seems to have worked through his slump. Now we just need Jason LaRue to get going. And Adam Dunn, although his slumps don't hurt as bad since he still gets on base and hits the occasional home run.
  • Ken Griffey Jr.'s still day to day. This is a familiar one.
  • I don't know if I'd want him in there with the game on the line just yet, but Esteban Yan has been great so far. Considering we only gave up Kyle Edens to get him, that was a pretty good trade.
  • David Ross is such a beast. His homeruns are legendary.
  • First place and 36-24. Twelve games over .500 is the high point for the year so far. Every day I thik it can't get better, and then they go out and win again. I love this team.