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Game thoughts: Reds beat the Cardinals 8-7

It's Ken Griffey Jr.'s world, we're just living in it.

Quick thoughts:

  • Brandon Claussen is reaching Dave Williams levels or badness. No clue what's wrong with him, but he's taken a giant step back this year, and it's really frustrating since everyone else on the pitching staff seems to be stepping forward. He threw, I think, 77 pitches through three innings last night and finished with 107 in five. That's insanity, especially when you consider the fact that he only walked three hitters. Claussen is never going to become a quality major league pitcher until he starts challenging hitters more and increasing his efficiency.
  • Has Felipe Lopez been slumping? Marty introduced him as the "slumping" Felipe Lopez before his first at bat, and all I could think of was that clutch double he hit on Sunday. Felipe takes so much undeserved flack that it's ridiculous, and he had a monster night last night. The guy's hitting .288/.377/.406, and while you'd like to see a little more power that's not bad, especially when you factor in the 16 steals, and 40 runs scored. He's becoming a great two hitter.
  • I'm so unbelievably sick of Quinton McCracken. If he managed a hit I think I'd pass out from shock.
  • Was there any doubt at all that bad things were going to happen when Rick White came in?
  • The Reds have really owned Jason Isringhausen in recent year, it seems like anyway. He's not really a closer that makes me worry.
  • I think Esteban Yan really hurt that umpire.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. is so kick ass that I feel like there's no point in even writing about him. We all know.