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Monday Links

  • Milton Loo has signed. Awesome news, that's like getting an extra second rounder this year.
  • Also good news: Phil Dumatrait has been promoted to AAA. I'm hopeful that we'll see him in Cincinnati before the end of the year.
  • Daedalus apparently has some scary powers.
  • This is idiotic. There's zero chance of Griffey going to the Yankees. I can't see him approving a trade there, and it's not like the Reds are going to be sellers this year, barring a complete and utter collapse over the next month and a half.
  • Nice look back at May by JinAZ.
  • Redleg Nation scored an interview with Chris Welsh. He's really grown on me this year for some reason. I just wish he had a better partner than George Grande.
  • The founder of the Grady's Ladies fan club (for Grady Sizemore) was shot and killed by her boyfriend. Really bizarre and sad story.
  • Interesting interview with a guy who works for Louisville Slugger.
  • Bob Uecker has filed a restraining order against a woman named Ann E. Ladd. Bob Uecker isn't someone I would have thought would be stalked, but there you go.
  • Art of Baseball: Radio deities who call the shots with a Marty Brennaman mention.
  • Really interesting piece in the New York Times about travelling youth baseball teams. There are 12 year olds who play 120 games a year, with only a month or two off. It's incredible that there are parents who think their kid is going to make it to the major leagues throwing breaking balls and playing constantly. Also, here's what one kids parents won't let him do: "He will not, for example, jump on a trampoline. When his friends from school hold their birthday parties at a rock-climbing facility, Jarrod does not go. He does not play pickup basketball at school, and if it is the week before a tournament, he sits out of gym class. If he goes swimming in the backyard pool, he's careful not to get sunburned or tired out. He is not allowed to skateboard or ride a scooter. "Nothing with wheels," Tim told me one day, outlining the policy. "We don't even really let him ride his bike that much." Craziness.