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Friday Links

  • Baseball Minutia looks at Reds GM's from the past 22 years.
  • Dayn Perry on Joey Votto:
    Votto was in the 2005 top 100, but he slumped last season. This year, he's had a tremendous first half at AA-Chattanooga: he's got a batting line of .318 AVG/.385 OBP/.568 SLG with 42 extra-base hits in 296 at bats. A number of great major leaguers once endured a lackluster season down on the farm (as Votto did last year), so there's nothing to say he won't become an impact talent in Cincinnati. Votto's very much back on track.
  • Jose Canseco is making a comeback. As a pitcher.
  • The Reds are going after a big time Dominican prospect
  • The Pirates have sent Oliver Perez back to the minors. His 2004 season might go down as one of the strangest one year bursts in baseball history.
  • Best baseball card set of the 80's? 1987 Topps. Damn straight it was.