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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Astros 14-3

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Every time the Reds do this I think "surely this will be the spark that ignites the offense", and usually it's something of a let down the next few games. But last night felt different, it was the first time they'd really jumped on someone in awhile, and they got some decent pitching to boot.

Quick thoughts:

  • Aaron Harang not has 80 strikeouts in 79 innings. He's almost halfway to last season's strikeout total (163).
  • David Ross: .314/.379/.686 Jason LaRue: .173/.277/.309 It's time for a change, at least temporarily.
  • Great to see Edwin Encarnacion and Austin Kearns with huge nights. They've both been MIA for the last week or so.
  • Quinton McCracken is apparently our first option off the bench since he manages to pinch hit in just about every damn game. This is not at all a good thing.
  • I didn't see Yan pitch (I was listening to the game), anyone want to weigh in with how he looked?
  • Wandy Rodriguez is not a good pitcher. He's been fooling people this year somehow, but I think that came to an end last night. His ERA jumped about a run.
  • 30-24, four games behind the Cardinals, and three and a half up on the Astros. I'm feeling pretty good.