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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Royals 9-8

Reds lose to the Royals 9-8 is not something I particularly enjoy writing.

Quick thoughts:

  • The Royals hit four home runs, a ridiculous number with the lineup they have. There's just no excuse.
  • Eric Milton has managed to destroy my cautious optimism with regards to his improvement in just two starts. Really quite the feat.
  • Yeah, about the relief pitching ... it's not very good. They had to throw nearly four innings last night, which is about three too many. Not to downplay how badly Milton pitching though, he was definitely a bigger problem.
  • But the bright spot is that the Reds managed eight runs, and are hopefully coming out of their offensive slump. Dunn, Kearns, and Aurilia all had good nights, and it seems like those three haven't been all that good lately. And Ken Griffey isn't hitting well, but at least he's still showing some power.
  • The Reds got beat by Emil Brown and John Buck. That's pretty damn depressing. I'd like to not think about this game anymore, so I'm done.