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Off day open thread

I figure I'll start putting up open threads on days the Reds have off, and you guys can feel free to talk about whatever.

So what's going on today?

  • Wimbledon starts
  • Italy vs. Australia and Switzerland vs. Ukraine in World Cup action
And of course baseball. These are the games of interest to the Reds:
  • Houston vs. Detroit (7:05)
  • Milwaukee vs. Chicago (8:05)
  • St. Louis vs. Cleveland (8:10)
I'll also be putting up a question of the day for off days.

Today's off day question: which old school baseball game do you remember most fondly? There were so many I loved, but two stand out for me:

Base Wars, which was set in the 24th century, and was played entirely by robots. There were different types of robots that played in different styles (motorcyle robot was speedy, tank robot was the slugging type, etc). The best part was when you'd have a dispute over a safe or out call and your robots would fight. Yes, it was pretty nerdy. Here's the Wikipedia entry on the game.

Baseball Stars was probably the best baseball game I've ever played. Money was a huge part of this game. Winning games brought cash, and with the cash you could upgrade your players. I played this game obsessively when I was about 9. Here's the Wikipedia entry on Baseball Stars.

I'll probably start one of these every off day from here on out, and hopefully they'll become more and more active as time goes on.

Have a good Monday guys.