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Monday links

  • Baseball Minutia has the latest installment up in the series Have the Reds ever had pitching?
  • Daedalus was in NYC to see the Reds play the Mets and she's got a trip report up.
  • A look at the Reds top pitching prospects in June. Four! We have four top pitching prospects. I had no idea. :p
  • The local papers are calling for heads in Houston. That seems a little premature when the team's only 5.5 games out. Not to mention just getting Roger Clemens back. I'm not saying the Astros are going to catch fire, I really have no idea, but I don't think they have serious unfixable problems either.
  • Derek Lee is back. That'll help I'm sure, but the Cubs are in a world of hurt. As much as I kid about the Cubs I never really saw it getting this bad for them.
  • And no link on this one, just an observation. I posted something a couple of weeks ago about how well the Pirates had been playing, and they've since had an 11 game losing streak. That'll teach me to praise Pittsburgh.