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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Indians 3-0

I'm thinking we might have caught the Indians at the right time.

Quick thoughts:

  • It's getting annoying to hear fans of other teams call Aaron Harang mediocre.I really they're just being ignorant, but he had a solid year last year, and he's had a solid year this year (with a good ERA and loads of strikeouts). I get the feeling sometimes that he's getting lost because of Bronson Arroyo's success. Not that this is really all that bothersome, but Harang certainly deserves credit for being a well above average pitcher.
  • Ryan Freel is on fire. Remember how well he played in April? Maybe the Reds can have another April type month if he gets hot again. I just looked at Freel's splits and saw that he had 20 walks in April and that he's only had six since. Those are really striking figures. But yeah, a great night for him, 5-5 and great defense to boot.
  • I was really surprised to see Aaron Harang come back out in the ninth, but obviously Narron did the right thing. I'm not sure what the Indians were thinking, but it's amazing to see a guy sitting on 110 pitches get through the ninth with just 7 more. You'd think the Indians would have been a bit more patient. Harang has 105 strikeouts right now. It'd really be something if he could get to 200.
  • What on earth has happened to Cleveland? I thought they'd have a great team this year, but they're now eight games under .500. It's strange to see. They seemingly have a pretty good lineup, and pretty good pitching, but they're just not getting it done. Their season is just about done with the way the White Sox and Tigers are playing.