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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Mets 6-5

Sometimes when I'm watching a movie or TV and something really embarassing happens to someone on screen I have a hard time watching. Most (normal) people don't enjoy watching something like that, but I'm actually physically compelled to look away, at least for a few seconds.  I bring this up because I've found myself doing the looking away thing with the Reds alot lately.

  • I have never seen a bullpen this bad. I'm 24, so I think you can include everything from 1987 or so forward in that statement. I've seen the starting pitching go through patches as bad as what the bullpen is going through, but the pen has always been a solid part of the Cincinnati Reds. For most of the 90's it was something you could count on, year in and year out. It's a little bizarre to watch a bullpen that has only one decent reliever in it. Almost as bizarre as watching a Reds team with decent starting pitching.
  • Wow, Jason LaRue is terrible. I hope he heats up like he has every other year for the past few years, but it's just awful watching him hit. He's down to .172 which is positively McCracken-esque.
  • It's funny, I just read what I've written so far and I realized that it sounds like I'm writing about a loss. It kind of feels like a loss to be honest. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll take it, but it didn't make me feel much better or anything.
  • Is there any doubt that Chris Hammond is done? He had me thinking he had something left with what he did in May, but it looks like that was a mirage. I really hate this bullpen.
  • The Reds seemingly are such a better team when Ryan Freel does well. I'm not basing this on any facts, but what are facts anyway? I like to go with a little thing called my gut. That's where truth comes from.
  • Even though I'm complaining alot, I do have to say that any time you weather a start by your fifth starter and end up with a win you have to be happy. The results were pretty good for Joe Mays, but man the journey was rough.
  • Brandon Phillips is awesome. Not quite on the level of a Dave Ross, but still pretty damn good.