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Tuesday Links

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  • This sort of thing is why Baseball Minutia is a great site.
  • The Hardball Times thinks Jay Bruce is most likely to succeed out of the Midwest League All Stars. That's nice to see. Bruce has been outstanding this year, although the lack of plate discipline worries me.
  • From Ken Rosenthal: "The Nationals' starting pitchers are currently in heavier demand than left fielder Alfonso Soriano. " The Reds really ought to consider going after Livan Hernandez. They'd control him through next year (at a price of $7 million), and he'd give them a solid rotation from 1-5, assuming The Lizard and Milton can stay reasonably solid.
  • The Cubs are going to give Notre Dame's best wide receiver a $7.5 million signing bonus if he chooses baseball. That would make Samardzija the richest player out of this draft. Now who thinks he's the most talented? Those wacky Cubs.
  • Jeremy Piven is awesome.
  • Entry for the 1975 World Series DVD box set giveaway is still open. Check it out at the Most Valuable Commenter diary, the Memories of the Reds from 1980-present diary, and the Memories of the Big Red Machine diary. All three will be up until tomorrow night at midnight, and I'll start the polls at that point. I had been planning on closing the MVC diary last night, but decided to keep it open as long as the other two. Thanks guys, lots of great entries so far!