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Monday Links

  • The Royals now have an official blog, mostly fluff, but this entry dealing with the press credentials issue is pretty interesting, particularly the comments. I'm not really exaggerating when I say that it's really quite heartbreaking to read. One of my favorite comments (and there are many good ones): "To Mr. Glass: How are you enjoying your new yacht? Isn't it nice buying things for yourself with George Steinbrenner's money?" The Glass family is a complete joke. This is what happens when you let a family with Wal-Mart money buy into something like major league baseball, it all goes to hell.
  • I found this study of teams historical win/loss records to be interesting. You'll be glad to know that the Reds are historically a winning franchise, mostly thanks to the Big Red Machine.
  • Former Red John Wetteland was fired by the Washington Nationals. Frank Robinson said "They seem to focus a little bit more on practical jokes and fooling around out there in the bullpen rather than focusing and concentrating on the game, and keeping their minds focused to what they would have to do when they came into the ballgame to get people out" Frank Robinson is so kick ass. I'll bet he spends his winters screaming at kids to get off of his lawn.
  • Tiger Stadium will finally be demolished this fall. That's been an interesting story since the Tigers moved into Comerica, and it's been amazing to watch Detroit try to deal with something that other cities deal with quickly and seemingly without much trouble.
  • The Cubs ownership (Tribune) has had their stock downgraded to junk status. Ha.
  • Entry for the 1975 World Series DVD box set giveaway is still open. Check it out at the Most Valuable Commenter diary, the Memories of the Reds from 1980-present diary, and the Memories of the Big Red Machine diary.