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Roster moves: Sky is falling edition

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I'm a little late on the Brandon Claussen to the DL news. Mike Burns was called up to take his place, and as George Grande would say "Well, you know his story."

The Reds DFA'd Rick White today, and will be purchasing Jason Standridge's contract from Louisville. That's a move  that's been a long time coming, but I strangely don't think the bullpen is any stronger for it. Mike Burns and Jason Standridge are both just as bad as Rick White, possibly worse if that's possible.

I'm a long way from being dissatisfied with Wayne Krivksy, but you can put me down as being pretty unhappy with his last few moves. Juan Castro was a particularly inspiring bit of silliness.

Things might get worse before they get better, but this team will eventually improve. The Reds are going through a rough stretch of schedule, and I think we should be hoping for a .500 road trip at best.