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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Brewers 3-0

It's funny, I've actually seen people calling for a firesale based on the five game losing streak that the Reds ended yesterday. That's craziness, this team might be tough to watch at times, but it's important to remember that they're still eight games over .500, and they're only two games behind St. Louis. Hell, if the season ended today the Reds would be a playoff team. I'm confused as to why anyone would be panicking just yet.

Quick thoughts:

  • The bullpen managed three scoreless innings, two of which were from Todd Coffey. I have to admit that I was expecting bad things after the Reds couldn't give Elizardo any support, but Coffey really came in and saved the day, followed by a decent outing from Chris Hammond. Definitely good to see.
  • Elizardo Ramirez has been a real find this year. His ERA is now all the way down to 3.44. It's really impressive to think that he's only 23 years old which means he could be a rotation mainstay for the next few years. I don't want to get too excited by these last 60 or so innings, but I'm impressed.
  • Adam Dunn is now second in the majors for home runs, two behind Albert Pujols. He's a great player and I actually feel kind of sorry for people who can only see his flaws. Players like Dunn are incredibly rare, it's important to enjoy them while you can.
  • I have to say it: Javier Valentin seems to have regressed big time. I've been waiting to point that out, but it has to be said. It's very possible that it's the lack of playing time that's hurting him, but it's disappointing to see. I had higher hopes for him after last year.
  • Eleven scoreless innings. Literally, in my wildest dreams I wouldn't have hoped for pitching this good. League average, remember? That's what everyone was hoping for, and yet we're getting far better. I love all the nice surprises from the starting rotation.
  • And I love the win before the day off, those are the best kind.