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1975 World Series DVD box set giveaway

I have some good news today. A&E has been nice enough to send me a few copies of the 1975 World Series box set (you can see details of the set here at the ShopA&E site). They also sent me a review copy, and I'll have that review up once I watch the set.

But anyway, back to the giveaway. I have three box sets to giveaway. We're going to have a contest for each of the sets, and all will involve diaries that I'll be opening shortly.

Diary number one will be "Memories of the Big Red Machine". It should be pretty self explanatory with what I'm looking for with this diary from the title. Any stories, memories, personal anecdotes, etc. from the 1970's Reds. It will be opened today and will run for a week, closing next Wednesday night. We'll then put up a poll and Red Reporter users can vote on which entry was the most entertaining. The poll will run for three days.

Diary number two will be "Memories of the Cincinnati Reds from 1980-present". This diary exists because not everyone is old enough to remember the 70's Reds. I'd like to see memories and stories relating to the 1990 team, Pete Rose as manager, individual players, anything from 1980 to today involving the Reds. It will also be opened today and will run through next Wednesday night. Same situation as Diary 1, we'll then put up a poll and people will vote on which entry was the most entertaining.

Diary number three will consist of a diary starting today and running through next Monday, and will ask who the most valuable commenter has been so far this season. Nominations will go in that thread, and no self nominations allowed :p. Most valuable is open to interpretation, but it really just boils down to who you enjoy reading, and who you think contributes well to the site. We'll put up a poll with the nominations on it next Wednesday night (the same time the other polls go up) and voting will go three days just like the other two polls.

Please only enter the "Big Red Machine" memories contest or the "Memories of the Cincinnati Reds from 1980-present". Don't enter both, that would create a lot of complications should one person win both. If the winner of the most valuable poster poll also wins one of the diary contests then the runner up of that diary contest would receive the box set.

The winners of the three votes will each receive a copy of the 1975 World Series box set.

I'm hopeful that we'll get some lurkers to delurk with this contest and get a lot of participation. I'm sure the Red Reporter community has a lot of great memories and stories of the Reds over the years and I'm eager to read them. If anything is unclear here then just leave me a comment and I'll clear it up. Good luck!