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Off day links

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  • Baseball Minutia looks at the fall of the 100 inning reliever.
  • Drew Stubbs has already signed, for $2 million. Good to see him in the fold so quickly.
  • Jason Conti, a minor league journeyman, is going to give it a go again after retiring over the winter. Why? Because now all those players hopped up on the steroids are gone. I kid you not. He talks about Jason Grimsley getting him out and how unfair that was. Maybe if he didn't suck then it wouldn't have mattered.
  • Ozzie Guillen is kind of insane.
  • Great article on sunk costs. I love this part: "It should be a question on the GMAT (General Manager Aptitude Test), right after the question about when employing Tony Womack would be a good idea. (The correct answer is D, "Never.")" Lucky for us Wayne Krivksy answered that question correctly.