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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Cubs 9-3

I didn't watch much of the game yesterday, for which I'm thankful. Our bullpen is absolutely killing us.

Quick thoughts:

  • Seriously, the bullpen. It's terrible. It's looking like May might have been the anomaly for Chris Hammond, not April. And now David Weathers is hurt. It's time to try something different, past time really. Bring up Shafer, Guevara, and Dumatrait, and let them sink or swim. I just can't see them being as bad as Hammond, White, and Mercker.
  • For people complaining about Dunn's late inning home runs: you cannot be serious. I want Reds hitters trying to hit the ball no matter the inning or score. It's idiotic to say otherwise. The same old whipping boys get trotted out every time the Reds lose a few in a row, and it's ignoring the real problem with the team, which is the bullpen. The offense is top notch, the starting pitching has been excellent. It's just nitpicking to look at anything other than the relief pitching.
  • Eric Milton is doing great, and it's terrific to see. He was the high point of yesterday's game. I'm afraid to talk about him too much for fear of jinxing a good thing.
  • Quinton McCracken Watch: 0-1. I'm just as surprised as you.
  • As much as I keep pimping David Ross, I still am expecting him to return to earth a little bit, but it just hasn't happened. Guy hits the ball really hard. And to think we got him for Bobby Basham. We've won that trade just on what Ross has done in his first 69 at bats.
  • The Reds are 25-15 against the Central, and they've got a series coming up against the Brewers. Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo go in the next two days. I'm pretty confident that the last few days will end up just being a bump in the road. It sucks to lose a series to the Cubs, but we're still watching a very good ballclub.