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Game thoughts: Reds lose to the Cubs 6-5

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I certainly didn't like the results in the ninth (bases loaded, nobody out, you've got to get that second run across), but I liked the fact that the Reds didn't quite after going down 6-2. That's a pretty big deficit, and they kept chipping away and almost got there. There'll be days like that, and that's ok. Just the fact that they got close is encouraging.

But now they need to win the next two and take this series.

Quick thoughts:

  • Might have been a strike, might not have been, but Felipe probably should have swung at it regardless. It was close enough not to take the risk.
  • Ryan Dempster threw 35 pitches, so I'd be stunned to see him on Saturday. I know he used to be a starter, but that's just a ton of pitches for a reliever. The Reds are outstanding at working counts, I love these 8-10 pitch at bats.
  • Brandon Phillips has hit into some bad luck this year. He's hitting .308 but I can remember lots and lots of hard hit balls finding gloves with him. Could be selective memory I guess, but it really seems like he's had bad luck, which is encouraging since he's still managed to hit so well. I was half out of my seat when he hit the ball to third in the ninth inning, but it wasn't meant to be.
  • I really hope Kearns is ok. Losing him would be a big blow.
  • And Chris Hammond had been doing so well.
  • But Elizardo did ok, even though he again didn't seem to have his best stuff. I'll take six innings and three runs out of any Reds pitcher on an off night.
  • How bout that sellout crowd? Cincinnati is a great sports town, and I hate when people knock it. People might be a little slow to believe, but they've earned that right after the years of losing. Look at the support for the Bengals after just one season with a winning record. Cincinnatians are good to their pro franchises if the franchises are good to them. We're not mindless drunks who don't mind losing like so many Cubs fans.
  • And that seems like a good note to go to bed on.