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Thursday Links

  • Looks like the USA Today might have fudged the facts a bit on the Rockies. Wouldn't surprise me as I've always thought of Nightengale as one of the poorer national baseball writers.
  • Bonds is really trying to change his image. Some might think it's pointless, but if he plays the nice guy for the next thirty years then he'll be remembered a lot more fondly then everyone expects. People forget how much Ted Williams was disliked when he played.
  • Joe Posnanski calls out Royals owners David and Dan Glass. It'll be interesting to see if they really let Dayton Moore do his job, but I'm guessing they will. I don't think he would have taken the job if he wasn't going to have full control. The parallels to the Bengals and Marvin Lewis are numerous.
  • Ken Griffey Jr. is fourth in All-Star voting. Dunn is ninth. No other Reds in the top five. These voting lists are always so goofy. David Eckstein is first and Omar Vizquel is fifth in shortstop voting. Silliness.
  • I could tell the Astros signed Clemens by looking at Red Reporter's referrer logs and seeing all the "Roger Clemens steroids" searches. Anyone else read the theory that baseball might have forced him to take a private timeout that expired this June, akin to the old rumored Jordan gambling suspension? No idea if something like that would really happen, but it wouldn't surprise me. The more famous players play by a different set of rules.