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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Diamondbacks 9-8

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  • That was the kind of game we've been missing with all this good pitching lately. The Reds really didn't deserve to win, and very nearly didn't. The defense has been so solid lately, but it still blows up every now and again, as it did on Friday and on Sunday.
  • Felipe Lopez and Adam Dunn both seem to have broken out of their slumps. Lopez is actually still hitting .280, despite how bad things had gotten for him.
  • Austin Kearns is just tearing the cover off the ball this year. He went 3-4 yesterday, and he's now hitting .328 on the year. This might finally be the breakout year we've been waiting for with him.
  • You look at the boxscore from yesterday's game and the pitcher's ERAs really jump out at you. Dave Williams is bad, but after that you've got Rick White at 5.14, Brian Shackelford at 0.00, Todd Coffey at 0.49, Kent Mercker at 2.35, and David Weathers at 3.86. Sure, I'd like to see better from Rick White, but I'm thrilled with how well the bullpen has done this year.
  • The NL West as a whole might still be one of the weaker divisions in baseball, but both Colorado and Arizona looked pretty decent to me. I'm pretty happy with the Reds 2-3 record for this road trip, with how bad Cincinnati has been slumping, and with how well the Rockies and Diamondbacks have been playing.