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Off Day Links

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A few things I found interesting this morning:

  • The Cubs are tanking fast. They're six games behind the Reds now, and I think its only going to get worse for them. I can't say I reall feel bad for them.
  • Here's an excerpt from the new Barry Bonds biography Love Me, Hate Me : Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero. Very interesting, to me anyway. I find Bonds to be a really interesting guy, and the dynamic between him and the media fascinates me. I'm not saying Bonds is a good guy, because he's really not, but I've always thought that the media goes after him with a viciousness that seems personal. Its disturbing to me how much say baseball writers have in determining who's a nice guy and who's a jerk in the public mind.
  • A Reds usher made Ripley's Believe it or Not today. For something positive even! Does anyone else think the ushers have gotten better since the move to GABP?