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Saturday Links

As a long time Bengals fan who suffered through an entire Lost Decade, I thoroughly sympathize:

Then this Royals team came along. And you know what? There is no hope. They broke me. I am finishing a book these days, and so my mornings and afternoons have been spent in a writing fog. My evenings, though, have been reserved for the Royals. I have, for the first time as an adult, been able to watch baseball entirely as a fan, and usually with my oldest daughter on my lap. Elizabeth is 4 now, and she does not care at all about baseball, but she likes eating popsicles where she can make the biggest mess. To humor me, she will occasionally look at the Royals game, notice something similar to baseball happening, and ask, "Daddy, when will the commercials come back on?"

I appreciate the question. This Royals season has been awful. Every game has been torture. The commercial that shows termites attacking wood has been more inspiring.

So sad. Royals fans deserve better.

Baseball Minutia has the latest in their series examining the question of whether or not the Reds have ever had pitching.

Jin-AZ was at the game last night. Poor guy.

And finally, Paul Wilson has had a setback.   If Wilson can't make it back by July/August then he probably ought to go ahead and hang it up for good. There's no sense after a certain point in causing yourself any more harm, and I think he's nearing that point.