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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Rockies 7-1

You can count on this Reds offense. They might disappear for a day or two, but they'll always come back.

It's getting to the point where you can count on this Reds pitching as well. There's not a part of this club that overly worries me right now. The difference between my view of this team right now and my view of it six months ago is just incredible. I never would have thought the Reds could have come this far so quickly.

Aaron Harang is an ace. He leads the NL in strikeouts after tonight, did you realize that? I didn't. The last Reds pitcher to lead the NL in strikeouts at any point in the season just about has to be Jose Rijo. It's been awhile.

How about Scott Hatteberg? I know he's not going to hit .300 all year, but his OBP has been pretty nice. It's been pretty well north of .400 all year. I liked the decision to pick him up, and he's made me look good, so far at least.

I'm hopeful that we're entering a Jason LaRue hot streak, because those are always fun. He damn near carries the team for a week or two a year, while being pretty quiet for the other five and a half months. Not a bad player to have, but he's definitely streaky.

Rick White's ERA is all the way down to 4.05. This bullpen might not be as bad as I had feared. I don't want to speak too soon, but it's been lights out lately, and it deserves every bit as much credit as the starting rotation. Maybe this is what a bullpen looks like when it doesn't have to pitch innings 6-9 night after night.

I love the way Chris Denorfia plays baseball. If he ever gets an every day opportunity in Cincinnati, I expect him to become a fan favorite. The socks are great.

I really love this team. Onward to Arizona.