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Jose Guillen's girlfriend robbed

This is just incredible:

We've got to consider it, at this point, very possible that the reason Nationals outfielder Jose Guillen never received any lessons in financial management is because they were scared at him.

Because it's clear he never received any lessons in financial management.

Wednesday night, while Guillen played against the Marlins, his girlfriend was robbed of $10,000 from his paycheck. How did she have access to his paycheck, you ask?

Well, it turns out, she was actually cashing a portion of his weekly paycheck ... at a check cashing service in a rough section of northeast Washington, D.C. She was jumped outside a Money Mart with nearly $12,000 in her Louis Vuitton purse.

Maybe Jim Bowden needs to institute some mandatory direct deposit? $12,000 at a shady loan sharking Money Mart.

I'm actually just as shocked that a check cashing store had ten grand on hand. Why don't those places ever get robbed?