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Game Thread: Game 29 vs. the Rockies

TIME: 8:35 @ Coors Field

               ROCKIES PROBABLE:
Aaron Harang (4-1, 4.35)       Josh Fogg (2-1, 4.73)

Josh Fogg still has a job, that's cute.

The Denver weather is looking pretty sketchy, so who knows if there'll be baseball tonight.

Ken Griffey Jr. isn't coming back this weekend. I'm seriously not angry about him being hurt, but the way its been handled is just weird. No other Reds player's health is ever such a state secret, and I'm not sure I see the need for it. Just put him on the 60 day DL already. Come on, you know its coming.

Ok, hopefully not, but given the way its gone from day to day to "we don't know when the hell he'll be back" it certainly seems like it might be awhile.

But anyway, there's some business to attend to tonight, weather permitting. Go Reds!