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Game Thoughts: Reds lose to the Rockies 3-0

A shutout isn't really what you want to see when traveling to Coors Field, but I think for one night it wasn't too surprising. Any time there's rain falling it's tough to expect hitters to be locked in.

But of course, many fans will take these last few days to mean that the offense has come to a grinding halt, and they're right to a degree. People are certainly slumping, as I mentioned yesterday. But slumps are temporary, and for once Reds pitching has been able to bail out the offense. When's the last time that consistently happened?

Brandon Claussen pitched well outside of one rough inning, and I think that's what we need to take away from this game. He's struggled this year, and once he turns things around then the Reds will be that much better.

One last thought. I'd damn near forgotten that Chris Hammond was on the team. He hadn't pitched in a week and a half before last night. Strange days when Cincinnati relievers can sit that long.