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Columbus vs. Buffalo Game thoughts

I took in a Columbus Clippers game last night (Dime a dog night, Columbus tradition), and the field was awash with Reds related players. A quick rundown:

  • Rob Stratton was hitting fourth for the Clippers, and I've got to say: the guy's a monster. He has to weigh at least 270. Very imposing.
  • Jeremy Sowers was pitching for Buffalo. He had some troubles, and I'm guessing he was having an off night. He mostly worked in the high 80's, and only touched 90-91 a handful of times. He'd be an awfully nice guy to have in AAA right now.
  • Andy Marte isn't fit to carry EdE's jock. From what I could see from watching one random game anyway.
  • I laughed my ass off in the 8th inning, because Danny Graves of all people came in to pitch for Buffalo. He went an inning and a third and did his job pretty well, only giving up a double (although a lot of his outs were sharply hit). He's put on some weight, which obviously is saying something since he was always a little hefty. His ERA was north of 5, and I think he's on his way out of baseball. I'm glad I got to see it.