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Dayn Perry is a believer

From Fox Sports:

Overall, the Reds' success will depend on winning the high-scoring affairs that are so common in their new home digs. They have a number of lavishly gifted hitters; so the runs will come. Keeping the rotation afloat will again be critical, but the Reds are better in that regard than they have been in years. In the long term, the Cardinals, barring serious injury, are the better team and should win the division. However, the Reds are absolutely a wild-card threat.

Nothing out West is of a concern, and the East right now is the Mets and a throng of mediocrities. They'll certainly receive intra-divisional challenges from the Brewers and perhaps the Astros, but the Reds, if healthy (a major qualifier, to be sure), have a lineup core that's capable of carrying them to the postseason for the first time in more than a decade.

Dayn Perry is one of the national columnists that I respect the most, so its especially gratifying to see that he thinks the Reds are for real.