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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the Cardinals 3-2

  • Life gets a little better when your favorite baseball team is playing like this.
  • I'm getting to a dangerous point now with the Reds, the point where I'm expecting a win every day. That's certainly a good thing in a way, but if the crash comes its going to hurt that much worse because of my new, higher expectations.
  • The Cardinals lineup yesterday was an abomination. Tony LaRussa apparently wasn't terribly interested in picking up a win. Maybe its because he knew he was facing Dave Williams, so hell why even bother trying?
  • Its tough to even notice with all the winning going on, but a lot of players are slumping right now. Felipe, Freel, Dunn, and Phillips are all going through various degrees of roughness. Hopefully a trip to Colorado will provide a cure.
  • Todd Coffey is amazingly good. 46th round draft pick right there folks. Talk about a diamond in the rough.
  • The bullpen in general has been great lately. I've stopped assuming the position (fetal) whenever a reliever enters the game, so that's a good sign.
  • It's so good to be a Reds fan.