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Game Thoughts: Reds beat the D-Backs 5-4

Let me sum up attending yesterday's game for you really quickly: it was hot. Dear God, and everything that is holy, the air was like liquid.

Because of that I missed innings 2-6 because I went to the Reds Hall of Fame (air conditioning), which I'd yet to visit. That worked out though because A) The Hall of Fame really kicks ass, and B) I didn't really miss much.

Seriously though, if you haven't been to the Hall yet then make the time to go, even if it's during a game. It's very much worth it, and I'm kicking myself for not having gone sooner.

Ok, quick game thoughts:

  • Definitely didn't think Freel's home run was going out, not because it wasn't hit hard, but mostly because it was Ryan Freel. Seriously, the ball left the bat and it looked like it was going pretty far, but I just thought "nah, it's Freel, that's just going to be a long flyout". It's funny how your mind works sometimes.
  • I think it was Conor Jackson's single in the first that really showed me how much Junior has lost. I think Griff is the only center fielder in baseball that wouldn't have gotten to that ball, because every other center fielder would have left their feet to get to the ball. It landed 2-3 feet in front of him.
  • The bullpen continues to look better. The Reds wouldn't have had a shot at winning if Chris Hammond and David Weathers hadn't shut things down for the last three innings. Hammond's come a long way already this season.
  • Freel has a better arm than I realized.
  • When Narron got tossed I told my wife that he was trying to get the team fired up. I didn't think it would work, but I'm not going to argue with the results.
  • The home plate umpire did suck though, so while I think Narron was trying to elicit a response from the team, he also had a damn good point.
  • Valentin's home run was the third walk off I've ever seen in person, and I think it might be my favorite. The Reds really needed a pick me up yesterday and I have to think that was one of the bigger wins of the year so far. A .500 home stand isn't what you want, but it sounds a lot better than going 2-4.