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Game Thread: Game 51 vs. the Cubs

TIME: 2:20 @ Wrigley Field

                     CUBS PROBABLE:
Elizardo Ramirez (2-3, 3.72)        Kerry Wood  (0-1, 6.30)

This'll be Kerry Wood's third start back from injury, and he hasn't gotten past the fifth inning as of yet. He's also given up four home runs in his two starts, which inspires some hope that the Reds will be able to do some business today.

The Cubs are struggling, and this is an opportunity that can't be missed. There are a lot of games against the Cards and Astros coming up, so these other games need to be won.

Go Reds!

Edited to add that Tony Womack is in the two hole for the Cubs, and that Bleed Cubbie Blue is the place to go to get things from the Cubs perspective. If you decide to comment, be nice. They've got to be a little edgy.