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Memorial Day Links

Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day. Here's a few things that caught my eye today or over the weekend.

  • The Kansas City saga continues to fascinate me for some reason. They've now offered the GM job to Braves assistant GM Dayton Moore, despite the fact that Baird still works there. Moore is supposedly a pretty smart guy, so you'd think he wouldn't want to touch this job, but he's from Wichita so you never know. This is a great column on the whole situation. What they really need is a new owner.
  • Wayne Krivksy was on Sports of All Sorts the other night, and someone from RedsZone posted about it as it happened. I found this interesting: "An emailer asked about Clemens, he didn't deny there has been contact. Said they probably couldn't afford him." It's nice to know they tried. (And a quick aside, it's insane how terrible RedsZone has gotten. I go there to find news I missed at other places, and I'm at the point now where I try not to read anything past opening posts because all the petty fighting hurts my head. It's a shame, I used to like the place.)
  • This might work.
  • A recap and some nice pictures of a Chattanooga game from Redleg Nation.
  • This is why JinAZ rocks.