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The Cubs really suck thread

No links today, instead I thought we could take a moment to enjoy this:

The only thing worse than hitting rock bottom is the anxiety that the real thud hasn't yet come.

That underlying fear is one the Cubs and manager Dusty Baker are trying to erase after a numbing 6-5 loss Friday to the Atlanta Braves left emotions in tatters.

''This beats all right here,'' Baker said, his face and words a reflection of frustration and disbelief. ''We gave them runs. You can't give away runs. We gave them four, five runs. We outhit them [12-5], but you can't give away runs.

''That was an awful loss,'' he said, cursing when no other words seemed to fit. ''That was just terrible. I don't know what's going on now.''

The Cubs have been the best part of this baseball season for me next to the Reds solid start. They're now 18-29 after a crushing loss to the Braves last night, and I'm hopeful that they haven't hit bottom yet.

They're playing Tony Womack now, which would seem to signify that things can't get much worse, but I'm still hopeful.

The Reds are 8.5 games up on the Cubs, and May's not even over. That's good stuff.